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11/2015: The Earth System Science Research School ESSReS is drawing to a close. Between 2008 and 2014 two classes of PhD students underwent the school's educational programme made up of lectures, exercises and practicals in Earth System Sciences as well as of several sets of social skill courses. Social activities, counselling and excursions rounded the scope of events during those years. ESSReS looks back onto two classes of dedicated early career scientists. Several of our PhD students are in the final stages of their dissertation, most others have already received their doctoral degree. Please note that ESSReS does not take on new students.

11/2014: 22 ESSReS students completed postgraduate educational programme in Earth system sciences
In November 2014, the Earth System Science Research School ESSReS bid their fond farewell to 22 PhD students from Jacobs University, the University of Bremen and the Alfred Wegener Institute. After three years of dedicated lectures weeks, seminars, transferrable skill courses and practicals, the participants of the second class of ESSReS, a joint undertaking by the three institutions and funded through the Helmholtz Association, were rewarded their certificates. AWI director Karin Lochte, Arvid Kappas, dean of Jacobs University, and Annette Ladtstätter-Weißenmayer of Bremen University delivered their personal greetings and congratulations and those of their institutions in a celebratory environment at Seefischkochstudio, Bremerhaven. After the official graduation ceremony all graduates presented their latest results and findings during the afternoon's science sessions. The next tasks for some of the ESSReS graduates will be the defence of their PhD thesis, for others it will be the application for postdoctoral programmes after the successful accomplishment of the ESSReS programme.

ESSReS graduates: Leonardo Alvarado, Anatoliy Antonov, Lars Beierlein, Matthias Buschmann, Giulia Castellani, Xiaoxia Huang, Marcus Huntemann, Jia Jia, Dimitar Misev, Yoshihiro Nakayama, Jelmer Oosthoek, Robert Ricker, Mathias Rucker van Caspel, Holger Schmithüsen, Stefan Schreier, Mehdi Shojaei, Johannes Sutter, Hella van Asperen, Anna Vehlow, Stefanie Weißbach, Alexandra Wolanin, Yufang Ye.

The Earth System Science Research School (ESSReS) Programme

ESSReS is a joint initiative of  Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen (Uni-HB), and Jacobs University Bremen. New generations of outstanding junior scientists have been trained and prepared in the interdisciplinary field of Earth System Sciences toward a doctoral degree.

The existing research infrastructure at the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen, Institute for Environmental Physics (Uni-HB/IUP), and Jacobs University Bremen offers a unique research environment to study past, present and future changes of the climate system.

ESSReS focusses on the integration of observations, palaeoclimate data, and climate modelling to better understand natural climate variations over a broad range of timescales and disciplines. The overall expertise available in observation, modelling, and reconstruction at the participating institutions provides an extremely solid base for interdisciplinary research. This excellent working and scientific environment provides PhD students with advanced training and research support. The Research School offers world-class educational possibilities thanks to its staff of internationally reknown and highly rated expert scientists.

International research in an interdisciplinary context

23 students from 12 countries form the 2nd ESSReS class with its overall idea of linking earth science data and modeling.


Spokesman of the Research School:
Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann 

Coordinator ESSReS Phase 1:
Dr. Klaus Grosfeld

Coordinator ESSReS Phase 2:
Dr. Helge Meggers

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