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Upcoming events

  • 15 May 2014 (Thursday), 10:00 hrs, "Friday" Seminar at IUP, including a special lecture by Prof. Dr. Krings (Center for Foreign Languages, University of Bremen) on "How to manage writing processes efficiently"
  • 27-28 May 2014, whole day: Course "Paleoclimate: from proxies to climate data" at AWI (Dr. Frank Lamy et al.)


Travel grant: ESSReS PhD candidate Stefan Schreier was granted DAAD travel support

Stefan Schreier attended 2013’s Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco, USA. The conference took place from 9-13 December 2013 in the Moscone Center, which is located in the downtown area. The conference was visited by more than 20,000 Earth and space scientists and, thus, offered a good opportunity to meet people from international institutes and gain insights into their work. Stefan presented his work entitled “Estimation of NOx emissions from vegetation fires based on the empirical relationship between tropospheric NO2 and fire radiative power”. Stefan has successfully applied for the “Kongress- und Vortragsreisenprogramm” with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and received a travel grant. “Overall, the Fall Meeting was a very good experience. The financial support from DAAD and the University of Bremen is greatly acknowledged by the grant holder and ESSReS. 


ESSReS Travel grant for Yufang Ye

Yufang Ye has succesfully applied for an ESSReS travel grant and is now staying at the Data Assimilation and Satellite Meteorology Section of Environment Canada. There, Yufang is working on the algorithm developed by Mohammed Shokr (Environment Canada Ice Concentration Extractor -- ECICE) to retrieve multiyear sea ice concentration and improve the results for certain critical conditions. Have a nice stay, Yufang!


ESSRes - Annual Retreat 2013

At the ESSReS annual retreat 2013 at Botanika Bremen the PhD candidates gave an overview on the current status of their research. In talks and poster sessions  supervisors and guests were given the possibility to follow-up on what the whole group had achieved during the last year.


The Earth System Science Research School (ESSReS) Programme!

ESSReS is a joint initiave of  Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen (Uni-HB), and Jacobs University Bremen. New generations of outstanding junior scientists have been trained and prepared in the interdisciplinary field of Earth System Sciences toward a doctoral degree.


The existing research infrastructure at the Alfred Wegener Institute Bremerhaven (AWI), University of Bremen, Institute for Environmental Physics (Uni-HB/IUP), and Jacobs University Bremen offers a unique research environment to study past, present and future changes of the climate system.

ESSReS focusses on the integration of observations, palaeoclimate data, and climate modelling to better understand natural climate variations over a broad range of timescales and disciplines. The overall expertise available in observation, modelling, and reconstruction at the participating institutions provides an extremely solid base for interdisciplinary research. This excellent working and scientific environment provides PhD students with advanced training and research support. The Research School offers world-class educational possibilities thanks to its staff of internationally reknown and highly rated expert scientists.


International research in an interdisciplinary context

23 students from 12 countries form the 2nd ESSReS class with its overall idea of linking earth science data and modeling.

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Spokesman of the Research School:
Prof. Dr. Gerrit Lohmann 


Coordinator ESSReS Phase 1:

Dr. Klaus Grosfeld


Coordinator: ESSReS Phase 2:

Dr. Helge Meggers


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